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Acosta to Trump: Are You Declaring “Mission Accomplished” For Coronavirus?


President Trump announced Tuesday that there will be a “different form” of the White House coronavirus task force that will focus on opening the U.S. economy. At a roundtable event at a Honeywell production plant in Phoenix, the president was asked by CNN’s Jim Acosta if disbanding the current task force format is his way of saying “mission accomplished.” Trump answered it is mission accomplished “when it’s over.” “We were ready for weeks,” Trump said of the administration’s handling of the coronavirus. “We had 10,000 ventilators sitting in various locations with people by the ventilators ready to have those ventilators roll if they needed them in as an example Detroit or various other places over the country. So I think that as far as the task force, Mike Pence and the task force have done a great job but we’re now looking at a little bit of a different form and that form is a safety and opening and we’ll have a different group probably set up for that.” “Are you saying mission accomplished?” CNN’s Jim Acosta asked. “No, no, not at all. Mission accomplished is when it’s over,” Trump replied. “When it’s over, Jim, mission accomplished. No. I wouldn’t say that at all,” Trump added.

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