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Al Sharpton: We Need To Have A “New Conversation” About “Your Racism, Your Bigotry, Your Hate”


CBS NEWS: Rev. Al Sharpton called on Congress to pass new voting rights protections as he addressed the crowd at the 2020 March on Washington. “We did not just come today to have a show. Demonstration without legislation would not lead to change,” he said. “They keep telling me about how it’s insane that black parents have to have the conversation with our children, how we have to explain, ‘if a cop stops you, don’t reach for the glove compartment, don’t talk back,'” Sharpton said. “We’ve had the conversation for decades,” Sharpton said. “It’s time we had a conversation with America. We need to have a conversation about your racism, about your bigotry, about your hate, about how you will put your knee on our neck while we cry for our lives.”

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