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Andrew Napolitano: The Country Has Gone From A Free State to A Police State In A Period Of Six Weeks


FOX News judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on Thursday warned America is turning into a police state and civil disobedience is on the horizon if governors do not come to their senses with civil liberties. “Yesterday, the Supreme Court of Wisconsin… said to the governor’s people, you do not have the authority for the lockdown, only the legislature does and the legislature told us they don’t want it and you can’t write your own laws and enforce laws that you have just written. That violates the Wisconsin constitution and by the way, the American constitution and therefore the lockdown is ended,” Napolitano said on FOX News’ ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ “I don’t expect the same thing to happen in Michigan, but Tucker, the definition of a free state is one where the laws are written to uphold personal liberties,” Napolitano explained. “The definition of a police state is one where the laws are written legitimately or not to uphold what the government wants.” “All of a sudden in a period of six weeks going from a free state — this is happening in all 50 states — to a police state,” Napolitano said. “The example you just cited in Michigan is violative not only of Michigan law and the Michigan constitution but the United States constitution as well. [Gov. Gretchen Whitmer] can’t take his livelihood away from him because he spoke out against her. That’s what the fascists did that we fought against in World War II.” “Civil disobedience is probably the next step if these governors do not come to a sense of reason, Tucker, because the authority that they are enacting is absolutely illegitimate,” Napolitano warned.

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