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Bernie Sanders: “Don’t Believe What You Read In The Media”


Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders held a press conference in Burlington, Vt. shortly after Sen. Elizabeth Warren announced Thursday she is suspending her 2020 presidential campaign.

REPORTER: In the 24 hours, there has been so much news coverage about your campaign and the path forward in this nomination process. There have been stories that say overnight your campaign strategy has changed radically and there are stories that say — SEN. BERNIE SANDERS: Is that what the media is writing? Don’t believe what you read in the media! REPORTER: There have also been stories that have said you’re not changing anything. That you’re consistent in your strategy. Can you give a sense of what conversations you have had in the last 24 hours with your advisors about what your campaign needs to do to be more effective and win more voters? SANDERS: Look, I want to back this up to just say this. We are taking on — let me back up again. We are running a campaign that has not been run in the modern history of American politics. So what we are doing, right now, let’s be clear, is taking on all of the powerful special interests that control the economic and political life of this country. That’s what we’re doing. These are many of your employers. These are folks who control Wall Street. They control the insurance industry. They control the pharmaceutical industry. They control the fossil fuel industry. As I mentioned before, right now, there will be many, many millions of dollars being spent by super PACs with undisclosed donors who are trying to undermine our campaign. So, you have not seen in the modern history of America which is taking on the entire corporate elite that is telling them their greed and corruption is unacceptable. We’re taking on the political establishment and that’s your point. In the last few days what we’re seeing is a consolidation. The political establishment was very, very nervous because you have a number of establishment candidates and then the establishment candidates got out, some of them. Buttigieg got out. Klobachur got out. Bloomberg got out. They consolidated around Joe Biden and Wall Street is emptying its checkbooks to fund Joe’s campaign. We’re taking on the corporate media which has clearly attacked our campaign in ways that I think in some cases — I don’t want to overdo it — in principle. You’re talking about a candidate who had to listen to somebody say that our supporters are brownshirts. That’s Nazi supporters. What a disgrace. A [commentator] who described a victory after we had as Nazis invading France. You had on one of the television stations the question of what the media is preoccupied with. “How can we stop Bernie Sanders?” We’ve got to stop the coronavirus and we have to stop Bernie Sanders. What a terrible thing. That’s what we’re taking.

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