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Bernie Sanders: Trump Has “Absolutely No Ideology,” “I Would Not Drop Dead” If He Proposed Medicare For All


MSNBC: In his first TV interview since suspending his campaign, Sen. Bernie Sanders talks to Chris Hayes about the decision to end his candidacy for president, Joe Biden’s movement in a more progressive direction, and the coronavirus response. Sanders told Hayes he would not “drop dead” if President Donald Trump came out in favor of guaranteeing health care for all people during the coronavirus pandemic.

BERNIE SANDERS: Donald Trump is a guy who has absolutely no ideology. In fact, I just heard, with Trump you never know if it’s true, you never know what is real or not. But he just said he wants to waive student debt for the next 6 months. You’re hearing it first right here. He may not call it Medicare For All, I would not drop dead if in one form or another Donald Trump got up and said, ‘You know, we’re in a terrible crisis. People can’t afford their health care bills. I think we should guarantee health care for all people.’ He does not have any ideology. His goal, his only goal is to win. To enrich his friends, he will say or do anything to do that.

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