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Biden: “I Will Win South Carolina,” “I’ve Worked Like The Devil To Earn The Vote Of The African-American Community”


Former Vice President Joe Biden announced he will win the South Carolina primary at the Democratic primary debate in Charleston. Moderator Gayle King asked Biden about polls showing that his support was slipping among black voters.

GAYLE KING, CBS NEWS: Vice President Biden, I want to bring us to another topic. We are in South Carolina, it’s the first primary with a significant black voting population. Your numbers appear to be slipping with black voters. And I wonder if you could respond with why this is happening to you at this particular time? JOE BIDEN: Well, first of all, the latest polls I saw my numbers. I am still 15 points ahead, the latest poll. (APPLAUSE) KING: Yes, yes you are correct. But Senator Sanders is in striking distance of you. you are within the margin of error in this state. BIDEN: Well, it depends look, I have earned the vote, I’ve worked like the devil to earn the vote of the African American community. Not just here, but across the country. I have been coming here for years and years, creating jobs here, making sure that the port(ph), for example that employees (INAUDIBLE) people we put $5 million in our administration just into this county. We’ve created jobs for people. The people know me. My entire career has been wrapped up in dealing with civil rights and civil liberties. I don’t expect anything. I plan to earn the vote. I here–I’m here to ask and I’m going to earn it. (APPLAUSE) But folks, I intend to win South Carolina and I will win the African American vote here in South Carolina. KING: Mr. Biden, will you continue if you do not win South Carolina? You have said that South Carolina will determine the outcome of this presidential race. If you don’t win South Carolina, will you continue in this race? BIDEN: I will win South Carolina.

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