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Biden: Trump’s Obamagate Attacks Are A “Diversion”


Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden also called Donald Trump Jr. “his father’s son” for tweeting a meme about the former vice president being a pedophile. He called the Trumps “sick” and “venal” but then stopped because he “did not want to get going.” In an interview with Yahoo! News on Tuesday, the former vice president called Obamagate a “diversion” from President Trump.

YAHOO: The president by our count has tweeted the word Obamagate, in all caps, at least a dozen times. I’m curious what goes through your mind when you see those tweets and what your response is. It’s a very personal attack when he says that Obamagate was the greatest political crime in American history. JOE BIDEN: This is his pattern. Diversion, diversion, diversion, diversion, diversion. Don’t speak to whatever the issues before us are. My God, Obamagate! And he also, by the way, just said — I read that he’s not going to allow President Obama’s picture to be hung in the White House as long as he’s president. That’s another inducement to make sure that he’s not president beyond January 20th. C’mon! This is so venal, so petty. The greatest crime? I mean, my lord!

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