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Bloomberg: “I Bill Myself As The Un-Trump,” There’s Nothing He Can Say That Will Hurt Me


Michael Bloomberg spoke about why he thinks he is the best candidate to beat Donald Trump in November, during a campaign rally in Chattanooga on the first day of early voting in Tennessee’s Democratic primary. The billionaire businessman and former New York City mayor said he bills himself as the “un-Trump.” “To start, I have workable and achievable plans to deal with the toughest challenges facing the country, and I will get it done,” Bloomberg said. “That’s what we need to beat Trump in the swing states because we all know the Trump strategy: Attack Democrats, make their plans look unrealistic, unaffordable, and undoable. That won’t work against me.” “I have a record of getting things done and common-sense plans that are workable.” “Voters don’t want a revolution, they want evolution,” he said. “They want somebody who can deliver.” “We have everything we need to win because let’s face it. Donald Trump is the world’s biggest schoolyard bully. He has no respect for civility, decency, or the facts. Our party needs a candidate that can go toe-to-toe with him and take the fight to him, and I’m going to do it,” Bloomberg said. “Just think about the past few weeks. The president has been busy insulting the Democratic candidates, he does that a lot you know. When you can’t defend you record on health care or wages or the environment you resort to insults.” “Well, Donald Trump’s insults do not bother me,” he said. “I’ve never run away from a fight. And I can tell you he’s not going to bully me and I won’t let him bully you either. There is nothing Trump can do or say that will hurt me, but he has hurt a lot of other people. And that’s why I’m running, to stand up for every American.” “I believe we need less divisiveness and partisanship and less tweeting,” he quipped. “How about a commitment, no tweeting from the Oval Office?” “That’s easy for me to say because I can’t spell. But then again, neither can Donald.” “Even though Donald and I are both from New York, the truth is we could not be more different. In fact, I bill myself as the un-Trump. He breaks promises. I keep them. He divides people. I try to unite them. He’s a climate denier. I’m an engineer. I actually believe in science. I follow the facts, respect data, and tell the truth. He looks out for people who inherited their wealth, like him. I’m self-made.”

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