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Bloomberg Touts Party Bonafides: “My Actions Are As Democratic As You Can Possibly Be”


CNN: Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg says that Joe Biden isn’t a viable presidential candidate because the former Vice President is a legislator and not a manager.

DON LEMON, CNN: Mayor Bloomberg, thank you for doing this. I appreciate it.    MICHAEL BLOOMBERG (D), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Thank you for having me.    LEMON: We’re in the eve of Super Tuesday.    BLOOMBERG: Yes.    LEMON: The stakes are high for you.   BLOOMBERG: Yes.    LEMON: Tomorrow night, you’re going to have to convince voters that you’re the guy. So how do you convince them that you are the one? What do you say to them?   BLOOMBERG: Two things — I can beat Donald Trump and I don’t know that of the other Democratic candidates can. And, two, that I am ready for the job, and I don’t think any of the others are.   LEMON: Yes. Listen, there’s been a lot of discussion in this campaign about being a Democrat. Senator Sanders, for example, is a — is an independent who is running as a Democratic Socialist.   BLOOMBERG: Yes.   LEMON: OK. You were a member of the Republican Party —   BLOOMBERG: Well, I was a member of the Democratic Party for all the time I lived in Massachusetts.   LEMON: Right.   BLOOMBERG: And then all the time I lived in New York until I ran for mayor. And they wouldn’t —   LEMON: (Inaudible.)    BLOOMBERG: — let me on the ballot.    LEMON: Right.    BLOOMBERG: Then I changed, because it was the only way — so I could get on the ballot. But I won three elections in New York City in the most populous —   LEMON: Yes.   BLOOMBERG: — big city in the country. And the Democrats voted for me.    LEMON: But then you were — you were — you only became a member of a Democratic Party. You were an independent for a while, but then you became —   BLOOMBERG: Yes.   LEMON: — a member a Democratic Party only in December of 2018, right? In the Democratic Party. In 2018, I should say. So, why is being a Democrat where your heart truly lies?   BLOOMBERG: Well, I think you’ve got to ask what are my values. I’m — most of the things that the Democrats support, whether it’s getting guns out of the hands of criminals, whether it’s providing social services to people that need it, whether it’s reducing incarceration in jail, and you can go right down the list. I think my actions are as Democratic as you can possibly be.   What’s more, incidentally, I have supported Democrats. I gave money for gun background checks, which turned Virginia into — from red to blue, both their legislative and executive branch. I supported 24 Democratic candidates for the Senate, 21 of whom won and won only by a small amount, so I really had an impact on that. That flipped the House, and made Nancy Pelosi the speaker, and started the impeachment process.   And you go right down the list of the things that I have done for the Democratic Party, and the values that I have which are consistent with what Democrats do. I think that makes me more of a Democrat than any of the others who talk about doing things and don’t do anything. 

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