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Bobby Jindal: Democrats Are “Willing To Crush The Economy” If It Leads To Trump Loss


Former Republican Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said Democrats were willing to use the coronavirus to crash the economy in order to defeat Donald Trump. “Joe Biden recently said that the coronavirus is an opportunity to fundamentally transform the country,” he said. “What you’re seeing is incentives for them to keep their economies closed… What you’re seeing is states like California saying we’re going to give millions of dollars to illegal immigrants, you’re seeing states like Illinois saying we want 10 billion dollars to bail out our pensions, programs that had problems even before the coronavirus.” “The state lockdowns are starting to ease and the U.S. economy should slowly begin to recover. But it’s worth noting that the states opening most slowly are big states run by Democrats that represent something like a third of the U.S. economy. This means a slower recovery for those states and the U.S.” “It’s been nearly 10 weeks since the Democratic governors of California, New York, New Jersey and Illinois ordered all businesses in their states to shut down save those they deemed essential. Job losses in these states have been especially severe because of their strict lockdown,” he said. “We know the Democrats, all they want to do is to beat President Trump in November [and] they’re willing to crush the American economy to do that.” “Even after we have a vaccine, even after we’ve cured and gotten past this virus, we need to have a strong vibrant economy to come back to. We won’t have that by spending trillions of dollars we don’t have, we won’t have that by borrowing money from China,” he said.

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