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Botanically Infused Face Masks – The ‘AusAir’ Face Mask Has a Subtle Fragrance (TrendHunter.com)


Breathing masks have become essential for consumers in some parts of the world and are only growing in popularity, so the ‘AusAir’ face mask has been developed as a natural option that will enhance the user experience.

The face mask features a multi-filter design that will effectively filter out pollutants that are present in urban areas, while also keeping viruses at bay. An active carbon filter will further eliminate pollutants and also prevent odors from reaching the wearer to ensure they aren’t affected by smells that can linger in city streets.

The ‘AusAir’ face mask is also infused with botanicals that will provide a subtle floral scent for wearers to enjoy as they go about their daily routine. The filters in the mask are rated for up to 100 hours of use or between two and four weeks.

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