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Branded Burger Face Masks – Burger King Debuted a New Mask that States Your Order for You (TrendHunter.com)


Since the onset of the pandemic, wearing a face mask has become the “new normal,” and many brands are using the new accessory to creatively advertise –like Burger King. The brand launched a hilarious, burger wrapping face masks that allows consumers to order at the quick-serve restaurant without opening their mouths or taking off the mask.

To get your hands on these soon to be highly coveted branded face masks, consumers can comment on dedicated social posts starting early September 2020. Examples of the new branded Burger King face masks include: ‘A Double Steakhouse Please,’ and ‘A Large Whopper Combo, Fries and Diet Coke Please,’ as well as French versions of the same masks.

The new masks are a playful way to reach consumers during an uncertain time while also following social distancing guidelines.

Image Credit: Burger King Belgium

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