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Brown Hair-Targeted Dyes – The oVertone For Brown Hair Range Now Includes Four New Shades (TrendHunter.com)


The oVertone For Brown Hair range has been expanded by the Denver-based brand to help offer consumers with the hair color the ability to change up their style to suit their preferences. The range will now include four new colors including green, blue, pink and orange, which will join the existing options including red, rose gold and purple. Each of the pigmented shades are positioned as a hair-healthy option that’s free from bleach and lightening or lifting agents that could cause damage to the hair.

VP of Research and Development at oVertone Bella Romeo spoke on the new additions to the oVertone For Brown Hair range saying, “Our For Brown Hair range, including our newest shades, were created to address a need in the market that wasn’t being met. There was not a solution available that would be both effective and non-damaging for brown-haired consumers interested in wearing a fantasy shade. Our formulas work to either counteract or complement the warm or orange undertones of brown hair to produce vibrant, rich results.”

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