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Carville: Biden’s VP Pick Doesn’t Matter; I Don’t Care If He Picks Sarah Palin, “I Just Want To Win”


Legendary Democratic strategist told MSNBC’s Brian William on Thursday evening that

JAMES CARVILLE: I want it to be whoever Joe Biden is comfortable with, and I don’t know Vice President Biden well. I’ve known a lot of people around him very well, and he’s somebody that picks people and sticks with them. He picks who he’s comfortable with. He has earned the right. The Democrats in the United States overwhelmingly ceded to him to pick. Whoever he picks –and I love these answers, “of course I’ll do it!”– that is the correct answer. If the country calls you, you answer the call. And I hear that from Senator Warren, Senator Harris… across the board. And whoever he calls, whoever he calls, then that is going to be who I’m with. And I have no doubt that he’s going to pick someone he’s comfortable with. He’s not a very gimmicky kind of person, and I don’t think people are looking for a gimmicky president. I’ve said before in a kind of exaggerated way, I don’t care. Pick Sarah Palin. I’ll be for her too. I just want to win this thing. But he has some excellent choices to choose from, and whoever he does, it’s all pre-cleared with me. And it should be pre-cleared with every Democrat in this country, every Independent, every Never Trumper. That’s good. Throw the switch, let’s go to post.

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