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Cecilia Vega: Trump “In A Really Tough Spot” On How To Attack Biden On Tara Reade, “No Way Around This”


ABC White House correspondent Cecilia Vega suggested that President Trump could be the one with more to lose if sexual abuse allegations against Joe Biden by former Senate staffer Tara Reade become a bigger campaign issue, Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” roundtable:

MARTHA RADDATZ: And, Cecilia, but the president, as we said, has been accused of sexual misconduct by more than a dozen women. He’s also somewhat defended Biden, saying he would tell the vice president to just go out and fight it. Why not go all in defending Tara Reade, like he did with the Clinton accusers during the 2016 campaign? CECILIA VEGA, ABC NEWS SENIOR WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Yes, he’s in a really tough spot here, Martha. There’s no way around this. And you saw the strategy on how they’re going to attack this with Ronna McDaniel, with you, just a few moments ago. They’re really going to focus on what they see as hypocrisy, hypocrisy by Biden, hypocrisy by the democrats, particularly how it relates to the Brett Kavanaugh’s hearings. One source put it like this, when Biden gets accused of something like this, the first automatic response is to flip it and turn it back on — the accusations against President Trump and they really feel like this is something that Biden — Joe Biden needs to stand on his own footing and address these allegations. And the hope behind the scenes, anyway, is you know what you get with President Trump. These accusations against him are longstanding. There’s no surprise there. And they say, you know, essentially when you surprise the electorate that’s when you get into problems. So, I don’t think you’re going to see them take this on as a moral issue as you are so much as a hypocrisy issue.

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