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Chapo Trap House: A Trump-Biden Election Feels Pointless, “Never Trump” Neo-Cons Are Now Officially The Democratic Party


With the political allegiance of Bernie Sanders fans up for grabs, the crew of the popular Democratic Socialist podcast “Chapo Trap House” weigh in on why a Trump-Biden election feels pointless for them: “At no point is it going to be talked about that this is the richest country on Earth. We won the lottery in terms of space, resources, and population, and people are like, ‘Well, you know, desanitizing wipes will be back in July,'” said co-host Felix Biederman. “We’re a completely inept country, everything we had we traded away and the average person’s life is no better for it.” “The thing the election will be about is: How much can we get average people to bitch about China. That’s not who did this to you. Or, how much can I get people to care if there is dignity in the White House and global leadership, like any of that means anything either,” Biederman continued. “We had dignity in the White House and global leadership when we gave away all the supply chains and everything. And that is why we can’t make enough paper masks in this husk of a shitty country that can do nothing. You put all the money to what, aircraft carriers whose main job is getting lost? These intangible bullshit things that don’t impact anyone’s life will be what is talked about [in 2020].” “Everyone who is begging Bernie people to care about this election: Care about what? I’m going to start arguing about the soul of the nation? Go fuck yourself, this is the election you wanted, go have fun.” Co-host Matt Christman continued: “At the end of the day, everyone will acknowledge that this is a non-functional state in critical ways and that it can not do basic things a state is supposed to do, especially in a crisis, even though it has overwhelming resources… Everyone is going to accept that nothing is going to change for the better and things will only get worse even faster, but it has to be someone’s fault. And it is just going to be whose fault it is. And every Democrat is going to say if we get Trump out of ere that will solve this, and every Republican will say it was the Chinese or the evil governors or Graydon Carter, and it will be the most sterile, pointless argument because none of the foundational problems that left the government unable to respond even if it had wanted to are addressed by any of that argument.” Co-host Will Menaker weighed in: “A manifestation of how grim this all is about this election is it really is like the final shift in the Democrats just becoming the new Republican party, and what I’m talking about is … another round of Democrats praising George W. Bush and saying we may have disagreed with him, but wouldn’t it be good if we had competent leadership in this country again? The guy who presided over Iraq and Hurricane Katrina who, absent COVID, did an insane amount more damage to this country than Trump.” “That’s what specifically makes me mad about the Bush thing. Obviously, the main thing of his presidency was Iraq, but if you’re pointing to him as Captain Job Interview did, he wouldn’t let a public health crisis spiral out of control. Do you remember what Katrina was? These are the same people who call you racist if you’re not for Joe Biden,” Biederman quipped. “Obviously I’m aware of Bush’s many international war crimes, which I hope he faces justice for, but purely in the domestic realm, he was a decent man who wouldn’t turn his back on thousands of Americans suffering and dying,” Menaker continued sarcastically. “Uhh, we all saw that on TV.” Next Menaker turned to the subject of Never-Trump Republicans: “We’ve been making fun of them for years on this show because there’s about 12 of them left. And the ones who have stuck by their guns have been abandoned entirely by the right-wing and the Republican Party. Most of the people who wrote that issue of National Review have completely bent the knee to Donald Trump and are 100% on his side… They will defend him saying there are ways we can look into injecting household disinfectants into your body to deal with the virus.” “But of the ones who stuck to their guns — Bill Kristol, Jennifer Rubin, Max Boot, George Will — the real neo-cons who glommed onto the Reagan Administration first and then the George W. Bush administration. They were in the driver’s seat and they got what they wanted, which was exercising this ideological project they’d been developing to make America not gunshy about being a global empire and using the U.S. military as a force for ‘liberty’ and ‘democracy’ and the like. Both those terms in scare quotes,” he continued. “Now, Trump ran for president basically on stage shitting on all of that and none of the Republicans voters card, and if anything they’ve also moved on from any idea about the U.S. military… fighting a war on the pretense of helping other people or building a democracy.” “So the idea was that despite being numerically very small, the Never-Trump Republicans have become an important faction in the Democratic Party and they are exercising a good deal of influence. People are seeking to court them… and my response to that is that these people have not become a faction in the Democratic Party. They are the Democratic Party. They are officially the Democratic Party now. There is no other wing,” he continued. “The progressive Sanders wing makes up 30 or 40% of the actually Democratic voting base, but they’ve just been put in the ground. They’ve been done away with entirely, and what we’re left with is Jennifer Rubin will have more leverage in a Biden administration than any progressive group, and that is not an accident. They are the same people. They believe the same things. The Never-Trump Republican faction is just the Democratic Party. They believe the same things and that is what we’ll be left with. The Democratic Party is now the reliable stakeholder to protect the U.S. military empire, Israel, and just free market in general as the Republicans move in a kind of a Herrenvolk social Democratic model of administering benefits and cutting against the market if it benefits white people.” “They are as deluded as the Trump people,” Biederman added. “It is as delusional and fantastical to think we’re going to return to an era of global leadership after this. The leadership of who? Leadership how? Everyone knows we can’t do anything. That’s the most insane thing about the Biden people… ‘We’re going to bring back American global leadership. These people make fun of Trump all day, but how do we go back? We lined up at the free-throw line, our shorts fell down, and everyone saw our tiny dick and outie bellie button. We’re going to go back and tell the world to do as we say? No one is listening. We can’t do anything. It is done. It is done. The era of the American Empire is coming to a close and any Nicole Wallace type who thinks if Joe Biden makes enough speeches, we’ll be back and it will be the 90s again and we’ll be the sole superpower, they’re just as delusional as the Trump people who think he’s going to be the God-Emperor. No one is living in any type of reality.” “Should [Biden] becomes president, expect Bill Kristol and Jennifer Rubin to have a place in the administration alongside Larry Summers, Rahm Emanuel, the CEO of Blackstone, that’s going to be who is in charge and that will be the Democratic Party. It will just be the Republican Party, and I’m not talking about the Eisenhower era, I’m talking the Republican Party of the George W. Bush years, absent any sort of evangelical culture war… Other than cultural issues, they will represent what the Republican Party of George W. Bush stood for,” Menaker said.

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