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Chief of Staff Mark Meadows: We’re Going To Hold An Election On November 3rd


White House chief of staff and former Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) appeared on ‘Face the Nation’ Sunday and talked about the upcoming election, mail-in ballots, fear of voter fraud, the coronavirus response and more. “We’re going to hold an election on November 3rd and the President is going to win,” Meadows declared.

JOHN DICKERSON: All right. We’ll move on now to the next question. Did the President ask you or anybody in the administration to look into the idea of delaying the Election Day? MARK MEADOWS: Listen all of this that we’re talking about comes down to one thing, universal mail-in ballots. That is not a good idea for the country. We don’t have to look any further than New York to see what a debacle that mail-in ballots have been when we have weeks and weeks of delay of who the winner is. Can you imagine if that is with the President of the United States? So– and so as we look at this– JOHN DICKERSON: So he didn’t? MARK MEADOWS: So he– he has not looked at delaying any– any election. What we will do is if we try to transform this and start mailing in ballots all across the country, all fifty states, what we will see is a delay because they are just not equipped to handle it. JOHN DICKERSON: Is it a responsible thing, Mister Meadows, is it responsible for the President to wing out an idea about delaying the election without looking into it? MARK MEADOWS: Well, it was a question mark. And if we look at that– JOHN DICKERSON: But he’s– MARK MEADOWS: It is responsible for him– it is responsible for him to say that if we try to go to a hundred percent universal mail-in ballots, will we have an election result on November 3rd? No, I would suggest that we wouldn’t even have it on January 3rd. JOHN DICKERSON: But– but Mister Meadows– MARK MEADOWS: So we’ve got to make sure that we do this in a proper way, where we– we promote absentee ballots. We make sure that a ballot goes from an individual to the ballot box– JOHN DICKERSON: All right. MARK MEADOWS: –without someone else having the ability– JOHN DICKERSON: But this is– MARK MEADOWS: –to conduct a fraudulent effort. JOHN DICKERSON: But we’re– we’re out of time, Mister Meadows, but this is no small thing. Steven Calabresi, the co-founder of the Federalist Society, which conservatives care a lot about, said this was grounds for impeachment. That’s no small– MARK MEADOWS: Yeah. JOHN DICKERSON: –thing for the President to suggest that. So, unfortunately, we’re– we’re out of time and we’re very grateful for you being here with us this morning. MARK MEADOWS: Well, we’re going to hold an election on November 3rd and the President is going to win. JOHN DICKERSON: Thanks so much for being with us, Mister Meadows. And we’ll be back– MARK MEADOWS: Thank you.

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