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Clean Microbiome Skincare – Symbiome Makes Organic & Eco Products with Less Than 10 Ingredients (TrendHunter.com)


Microbiome skincare products are on the rise and Symbiome is setting itself apart with products that are cleanly formulated, sustainable, organic and ultra-simple, as the traceable products are made with less than 10 ingredients each. The collection of BioIntact products are specifically crafted to nourish the skin’s natural barrier and support healthy, resilient skin.

The products tap into potent ingredients sourced from the Amazon and at launch, the entire skincare collection uses just 18 ingredients across seven products. There’s essentials like The Renewal Daily Cleanser and The Reset Clarifying Cleanser, as well as The One Restorative Cream and Postbiomic Oils Rebalance001, Recharge002, Rewind003 and Respond004, which are formulated for different skin types. While the two-ingredient Rebalance001 oil soothes damaged and irritated skin, Respond004 is a three-ingredient blend that specifically suits acne-prone skin or hormonal flare-ups.

Image Credit: Symbiome

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