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CNN Interviews A North Carolina Mother And Daughter Divided Over 2020 Election: “Vote For Joe Biden, Mom”


CNN’s Brooke Baldwin interviewed a North Carolina mother who voted for President Trump but would vote for Joe Biden and daughter who supports the Democrats:

BALDWIN: We know the 2016 Presidential election not only divided the country, it has divided communities and families and those feelings are bubbling up again as we head toward November. Patricia Murphy and her daughter Scarlett are one example of a house divided. Mom reluctantly admits she did vote for Donald Trump back in 2016, and her daughter did not speak to her for days. Patricia Murphy is a registered Republican and is thinking about voting for a Democrat, and mom and daughter are both with me now. So ladies, let’s get right into this on national television. How about it? PATRICIA MURPHY, UNDECIDED VOTER WHO SUPPORTED TRUMP IN 2016: Oh, my gosh. BALDWIN: Patricia, I want to begin with you, you are in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. And Scarlett, you’re here in New York where you’re going to school. So I first of all am glad we’re all speaking again. But Patricia we are about eight months, you know, about eight months from election day and the field has narrowed. What are you thinking about the choices currently available? P. MURPHY: Well, I mean, it narrowed again today. I’m actually hoping for one particular candidate to come to the forefront. I voted for Trump, as we said, but I would have voted for Joe Biden back in 2016, and I would vote for him this time as well. Bernie, I don’t know enough about, and there’s a lot of fear around him. I need to know more. BALDWIN: So hang on, hang on, hang on, so you’re a registered Republican. Have you ever voted for a Democrat in your life? P. MURPHY: Yes. BALDWIN: Yes, OK, so this wouldn’t be a first, but so you’re telling me if Joe Biden were to become the nominee, you would vote for him over Donald Trump? P. MURPHY: Yes, if that is the case this time around, that’s what I would do. And that just recently emerged as a choice because I didn’t think he was actually going to be in the running based on the debate I saw last Tuesday. BALDWIN: Well, I think even Joe Biden’s standing there talking the other night was basically saying he was a dead man, and now he’s alive. I mean huge, huge, huge wins. P. MURPHY: Wow. Right, right. BALDWIN: What do you think — just let me talk to your daughter for a second. What do you think hearing your mom who voted for Trump is saying she’d vote Democrat? SCARLETT MURPHY, DEMOCRATIC VOTER AT ODDS WITH PARENTS OVER 2020 ELECTION: You know, it doesn’t entirely surprise me. I mean, I think part of my initial emotional reaction when I found out she voted for Trump back in 2016 is that I didn’t think that was something she was capable of, you know, looking back. BALDWIN: How do you mean? S. MURPHY: I mean, I think Trump is a really unique candidate and a unique President in terms of the hateful rhetoric he spews. What he stands for, what — BALDWIN: Unique not in a good way you mean. S. MURPHY: Unique, not a — I mean, yes, unique not in a good way. BALDWIN: Yes. S. MURPHY: Unique as in we’ve never quite seen anything like him, and it really surprised me that she voted that way. BALDWIN: And you had words. S. MURPHY: And we had words. We had words. And you know, I think part of living to live in a household divided is trying to like empathize with where people are coming from and, while it’s not like a belief I share, I do know that I think my mom represents a group of women who had trouble voting for Hillary Clinton due to historical factor. And I think with Hillary out of the picture, it’s less surprising that she would vote as an alternative to Trump. You know, I don’t think necessarily think she’s been happy with everything he’s done, you know, we can talk more about that. BALDWIN: Is that the case, Patricia? I mean, since you voted for him — and I read that you were — what was the word, you admitted that you were mortified by Trump but that didn’t stop you from voting for him a couple of years ago. How are you feeling now about the President? P. MURPHY: About the President, I wish he would stay off the tweets. I wish he would present a more Presidential figure for America throughout the world. I wish he would represent us better that way. A lot of people feel that the good economy is specifically because of Trump. I’m not sure that’s totally the case. What I liked about Trump was that and what I think is still true is that he was going to bring manufacturing back into America, bring some trade agreements that were more favorable towards America, infrastructure. I mean, so there were some positive reasons to vote for Donald Trump in 2016. It’s kind of hard to tell even doing research on the internet or even with the news what all is true and isn’t true as far as what has been accomplished and what hasn’t. BALDWIN: Is the door totally closed, Patricia on voting for Donald Trump, or if the economy — depending on who knows what the next couple of months may bring, is there still a possibility that you could vote for Trump? P. MURPHY: Possibly, I mean, I would need to know what’s going to happen in the Democratic primary. I would need to know if it ended up being Bernie Sanders, you know, a lot of people are afraid of the socialism label. A lot of people say he is a socialist. A lot of people say he isn’t, but what’s the definition of socialism that we’re using? Some of it’s scary. Some of it’s not. So I think they need to do a better job of marketing what he is, what socialism is. Right now the way I understand it, I would not feel comfortable voting for Bernie Sanders. BALDWIN: Understand. And then to you Scarlett, it’s my understanding your dad also voted for Trump. S. MURPHY: Yes. BALDWIN: But for — you tell me, why are you more irked with your mom? S. MURPHY: It’s hard to say. I mean I don’t want to say anything disparaging about my dad on national television, he’s a great man. BALDWIN: Of course not. S. MURPHY: He’s a caring man. BALDWIN: Shout out to dad. S. MURPHY: Shout out to dad. But he is part of a demographic that almost lives an entirely different world in terms of what they think, what media information is presented to them. He works in the construction industry. He listens to a local A.M. radio station that’s very conservative. And he was just getting an entirely different body of information. That’s just who he was, that’s how he was going to vote the things that I think, he was maybe part of that demographic that Trump was able to empathize with and kind of capitalize on in the 2016 election. Whereas I thought of my mom as someone you know who is really involved in like social justice work and is an advocate for so many people Trump disparaged. BALDWIN: So look into that camera —- S. MURPHY: Looking into this camera. BALDWIN: Look into this camera, right here, and you tell her final words to mom. Because I have a feeling, you’re a Democrat through and through. S. MURPHY: Yes. BALDWIN: What’s your advice? S. MURPHY: I think you should vote for Joe Biden, mom. P. MURPHY: You know what, you can lash out with the ones that you love because they will love you no matter what. BALDWIN: Spoken like a good, true mom.

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