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CNN’s Acosta: Trump “Sending Out” Protesters To “Pressure” Governors To Reopen


CNN’s Jim Acosta accused President Trump of gaslighting White House reporters when he said people demonstrating against state government shutdowns are practicing the administration’s social distancing policy. Acosta also accused the president of “sending out” the protestors to put “pressure” on statehouses and governments to reopen. “It does have to be said at this point that the president appears to be giving the green light to these protesters who were at these demonstrations outside statehouses around the country,” The president was absolutely just gaslighting people there in the briefing room just a few moments ago, Wolf, when he said these protesters are practicing social distancing. They’re just not. “The president, you know, said a week ago when they released the new guidelines that if saw any governor who was doing something he disagreed with that he would come down hard on that governor,” Acosta said. “That is not happening with these governors who are racing ahead of this administration’s guidelines opening up quickly like Governor Kemp is in Georgia.” “So it appears that when the president is going to sound off on these governors it’s when they’re not opening up quickly enough,” he said. “Just to add to that when the president is sending out protesters to the statehouses to demonstrate against social distancing that is putting pressure on the statehouses, that is putting pressure on those governments to reopen.” “He is sort of attacking this from a couple of different vantage points,” Acosta accused. “Putting pressure on the governors and then really giving the green light to his own supporters to demonstrate against these statehouses where they’re not opening up quickly.”

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