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CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Testing Positive For COVID-19: I Feel Lousy, “But Everybody’s Been Sick Before”


Chris Cuomo announced Tuesday he tested positive for COVID-19 on his daily SiriusXM program ‘Let’s Get After It with Chris Cuomo.’ “I knew it was just a matter of time,” Cuomo said at the top of his show, adding that his brother is beating him “over the head a little bit with it right now.” He also gave an update on how he’s feeling.

CHRIS CUOMO, SIRIUSXM: And my brother’s on TV right now. He’s talking about it. We’re living it. You’re living it. Everybody’s living it. This is the great equalizer, great equalizer. Yes, I just tested positive for coronavirus. You know, I knew it was just a matter of time, to be honest, because of how often I was exposed to people. And you know, my brother’s beat me over the head a little bit with it right now, about my mom, but you know, it’s not an completely invalid point. I did have her here with me because I thought it was safer for her out East than in the city alone. And he did convince me to move her to my sister in Westchester a few weeks ago, and that was the right move. Because I am going to be exposed a lot, and even though I loved her and I wanted her here, the same love was misplacing the smartest move, and we have that luxury where there was someone else who could take her. So, thank God she’s not affected by this. I am fine. I am not the story. There are people who are in rough shape because of this. And we gotta deal with that and that’s why I’m doing the job and that’s why I’m going to keep doing the job. And I’m worried about my kids and my wife. I’m pissed at myself about that, but that’s on me. That’s not on you. So, I appreciate all the well-wishing. Do not waste sympathy on me. I am fine. This is, you know, I get what it is. I probably have a couple of different things going on at once. That’s not unusual either, but I feel – I’m a little lousy, you know, but everybody’s been sick before. That’s what it is. I don’t have compromised lungs. We’ll see how the days go and hopefully I’m further into it than not into it, and the symptoms don’t get any worse. And if they do, I’ll change it, but as long as you can hear me, then everything’s gotta be fine. So listen, I appreciate the good word. I really do. I would get very emotional very quickly if I were being honest about how I feel about how many of you show that you care about what I do and you worry about my family and me. It means everything to me. If you listen to me or you watch me, you know why I do the job. I do the job as a service for you guys. I work for you. So the idea of being appreciated by the people you work for is very moving, very moving for me. So thank you.

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