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CNN’s Stelter: Trump To Blame For Coronavirus Problems, “It’s On Him”


On Wednesday, CNN media analyst Brian Stelter criticized President Trump’s Oval Office address on the coronavirus as not reassuring and praised the way corporate America has handled the crisis and said the president sounded “labored in his breathing, struggling to get a coherent message out.” When Stelter pegged the “embarrassment” of an alleged U.S. failed response to the virus “on Trump,” he looked to a doctor that was a CNN guest to affirm him. The doctor agreed and went on an anti-Stephen Miller rant for the term “foreign virus” being injected into the speech.

DON LEMON: hen I heard John Kasich saying someone else wrote those words to me meaning that he’s not responsible for those words — now, I can say one dumb thing on this set or someone can write something for me. But guess who takes responsibility. Guess who apologizes for it. Me. Do I blame anyone else? No, the buck stops with me. Why is it different than the president? BRIAN STELTER: That’s why the embarrassment about getting it wrong about Europe tonight is on him, not on his aides. He misspoke about Europe. He misspoke about the intensity of the ban and that’s on him. The errors he’s made several weeks now are on him. This country is behind for several weeks. It’s on him. I’m sorry to say that, but it’s true. Am I wrong, doctor, that it’s on him? It’s on the president? ARTHUR CAPLAN, NYU SCHOOL OF MEDICINE: Ii hear Stephen Miller in this. Foreign virus, setting up travel bans for the outside invasion of the disease.

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