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Coffee-Based Face Masks – The Reusable AirX is Touted as the World’s First-Ever Coffee Mask (TrendHunter.com)


ShoeX is introducing its AirX reusable face mask as a first-of-its-kind design made from coffee. Tons of medical waste is being generated with one-time use face masks and as people are looking to wear non-medical protection in public, the waste only has the potential to increase. The AirX face mask boasts a design that’s vegan, biodegradable and antimicrobial—it has received AATCC 100 certification, meaning that it meets the textile industry’s standard for antimicrobial fabric performance in the United States. The mask itself is made with coffee yarn and it is used with a biodegradable air filter insert that is made with silver nanotechnology and coffee that’s meant to be replaced about every 30 days.

Next, ShoeX has plans to launch N95 reusable coffee masks in response to the demand for these protective products.

Image Credit: ShoeX

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