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Cuomo on Coronavirus Relief Bill: “Republicans In The Senate Are More Interested In Helping Red States Than Blue States”


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” said that New York was being short-changed by the federal government during the coronavirus pandemic.

GOV. ANDREW CUOMO: I don’t think we ever get back to normal. I think this is one of the new normals now in public health, like we go through the environment, like we’ve gone through the economy. It is a new normal. It is going to depend on what we do. This is why it is such an important period for government and a political discussion. Nothing is precharted here. It is all a function of what we do. How good are we at getting this testing up? Are we better than we’ve been in the passed? Is it going to take us months to come to scale on rapid testing? That’s the only way to start to get people back to work. You have to have millions and millions of tests frankly faster and better than we have done to date… How will we prepare in the future if we’re not expecting a second wave or a mutation of this virus, then we have learned nothing. As Congressman Suozzi said, what does the federal government do and what do they pass? If they pass another piece of legislation through that Senate that is politically biassed, that is trying to help Republican states when — and not taking into consideration where the impact really is like in New York and California and Michigan, then shame on all of them. So it is purely a function of what we do and how well we do it. WILLIE GEIST: As you mentioned, the $2.2 trillion stimulus package passed through Congress, presumably to help places like New York City and New York state, the center of the crisis. You seemed to suggest that Republicans in the Senate are more interested in helping red states than blue states. What did you mean by that? CUOMO: When you look at the package and you look at the distribution, the Senate almost treats it as a pork-barrel bill. I was in the federal government for eight years, I was secretary of HUD, I know ow te federal government works, I get the number of politics that representatives want to take care of their district, their state, I get it. That’s not what this is. You know where — you know the states and the cities where you’ve had a higher level of distress. You can look at the map. You see where the cases are. You see the infection rate. This was not supposed to be grab-bag politics, everybody take care of their home state. This was supposed to be help the places that had the greatest pain, where you have the most cases, where you have the most cost. The bill that they’ve passed shorted New York state, which on any analysis has more cases, more costs, more infection, more devastation, and more loss, and the only discussion is, well, politically in the Senate this is what we needed to do. I’m tired of that, and so are the American people, by the way. This is no place to play politics. The country is done with it. Not at this time, not in this place. And what federal government does through legislation, through executive action, with testing and start-up rules, that will make all of the difference for us long term.

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