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Dem Candidate Threatens To Burn Down Hugo, MN at BLM Protest: “You Think We Give A Fuck?”


ALPHA NEWS: Footage of Saturday’s protest in Hugo, Minnesota captured by Alpha News shows DFL legislative candidate John Thompson beating effigies of Bob Kroll and his wife on their front driveway. Hundreds of Black Lives Matter protesters gathered outside Kroll’s home Saturday to protest his support for the officers involved in the death of George Floyd, whom he believes were fired without due process. Kroll leads the Minneapolis police union and is a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump, while his wife, Liz Collin, is an anchor for WCCO. Activists have called for both Kroll and Collin to be fired from their jobs. Thompson was filmed beating pinatas of Kroll and Collin while standing on their driveway. The incident takes place around the 33-minute mark in the video below. Earlier in the protest, Thompson threatened to burn down the city of Hugo and vowed to come for everything you motherf–ers took from us. This whole [vulgarity] state burned down for 20 [vulgarity] dollars. You think we give a f– about burning Hugo down? he added. Continue reading story at Alpha News.

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