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DeMint: “We Need To Start Planning And Talking About How We Get America Back To Work”


Former Sen. Jim DeMint joined fill-in host Todd Herman on Tuesday’s “Rush Limbaugh Program” to discuss the economic impact of the coronavirus.

TODD HERMAN: Joining us now is Senator Jim DeMint, and good to talk to you again senator appreciate you coming on Rush’s show with us… DeMint s is leading the Conservative Partnership Institutes, and is working on something to get America back to work again. And, Senator I don’t know if you heard my opening remarks but it occurred to me there’s a third way forward, as I see it, to get America back to work… how do you think we can accomplish it, to get America back to work and still take care of people health-wise? SEN. JIM DEMONT: Well, Todd, no one knows exactly what to do right now, so we need to remember to keep praying and asking for wisdom in this situation. It’s clearly a situation that we have not navigated before, but the point a lot of us, as conservatives, are trying to make to the president into the public–. And actually, we’re hearing the same thing from people as we call around the country, is Americans have always been willing to risk their lives for freedom and for a chance at opportunity, to leave this country better than when they found it, and I think President Trump has done a great job, in trying to round up the resources to get everybody working on the healthcare side of this. There are some cures that look very hopeful, a lot of the test kits online are being delivered, so he’s doing everything I think that we possibly can, and we’re doing this because we are looking at the possibility of a worst-case scenario. What I think is missing here is we need to understand the worst-case scenario if we keep this economy shut down much longer — the loss of jobs and te shut down of the economy, what that could do for human suffering me is very, very real. The campaign that we’re trying to lead as conservatives is to let Americans know, let Trump know, President Trump’s administration and Congress know, that we know we have to start planning and talking about the process of getting America back to work. When I hear us say, “okay let’s look at this in 60 days,” I just don’t think people understand where the economy is going to be in 60 days. Our feeling is that next week we need to look at where her health care and infection statistics are and start talking about the 45 states have low infection rates, and how governors and mayors to get things opened back up, and I just think we start we need to start balancing the conversation between the possible risk on the healthcare side and compare that to the very real threat that what’s going to happen to America if we don’t get back to work… We can’t say we’re all shut down — We’ve got to realize that there are ways that we can open the economy back up and minimize the risk to those people who were in those high-risk groups, but we cannot keep saying that everything is going to close down. I know close to me here the BMW plant, which is mostly robotics, it should it would be a situation where most people there are relatively young they can have their social distancing, but if it stays closed down all their suppliers are closed down… let’s be careful must be smart, but let’s don’t keep talking about the worst-case of this healthcare. We need to start talking about the process of getting America back to work. I know that’s how Trump is thinking because he’s starting to see that but the cure here may be worse than the disease. I think he’s looking for more public support and ideas like you just said, that we can do this in a very intelligent way that minimizes the risk to those who were and those high-risk groups.

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