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Dr. Scott Atlas Calls For Schools To Reopen: “This Is The Most Irrational Public Policy Probably In Modern History”


Hoover Institute fellow Dr. Scott Atlas criticized policy proposals that would continue to keep schools closed after summer. In an interview Monday night with Tucker Carlson, Atlas also weighed in on a possible second lockdown following the flareup of new coronavirus cases, calling it “the most rational public policy probably in modern history” “There’s no reason for a lockdown when we have something happening we actually have no problem with,” Atlas said. “These do not translate into people going into respirators. The hospitalization phase is half the length that they were before. We are doing very well with this, but the point about the schools is really critical because this is the most irrational public policy probably in modern history… There is no science behind having children not attend schools. There is zero science for having children wear masks or have spacing when they have zero risk from the disease.”


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