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Eddie Glaude: Biden/Harris Excites The Base, Offers “Reckoning” For “A New America”


Princeton professor Dr. Eddie Glaude Jr. reacts to former VP Joe Biden choosing Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate with MSNBC’s Brian Williams.

EDDIE GLAUDE: This is savvy political calculus. He’s exciting the base. There was a sense people were more motivated to get Donald Trump out of office than they were about the Biden candidacy. Now we’re going to have the base will be excited, turnout will be even higher now. You heard that in Representative Clyburn’s voice, in Joy Reid’s voice. You’ll hear it around the country. He moves the chess piece in an interesting way. We have been hearing from Donald Trump and his surrogates that Biden was beholden to the radical left. I don’t know if that works with Kamala Harris on the ticket, but it raises questions about how will the left respond to the pick? I want to hear what Bernie Sanders is thinking, what AOC is thinking, what Elizabeth Warren is thinking. But more importantly, I want to hear what black activists on the ground who know Kamala Harris’ record as AG, what they’re thinking. So we see this interesting moment here that’s really, really wise. And the third move, I want to say this very clearly, we knew, Brian, that this election was the most important election in our lifetime. We knew it was a choice, a momentous choice. Now it is a stark choice between two Americas: an old America, as Eugene said, and a new America. The reckoning is now clearly in November at the ballot box, and it is represented symbolically. Now we need to see it represented at the level of policy. This is an extraordinary political moment for us and I’m really excited to see what comes.

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