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Eddie Glaude: Coronavirus Could Be “Donald Trump’s Katrina”


Eddie Glaude Jr., an African American Studies professor at Princeton, compared President Trump’s response to the coronavirus outbreak with President’s Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina Friday afternoon on MSNBC:

EDDIE GLAUDE: I was thinking in terms of politics. We talked about the business community finally not sticking with Donald Trump. But this may be, and I should mention this with trepidation, but this may be Donald Trump’s Katrina. NICOLE WALLACE: Let’s just lean into that for a minute. Katrina was when moment when all the things that felt incredibly incompetent about the Bush presidency, the appointment of Harriet Meyers to the Supreme Court, the botched attempt to privatize Social Security. I lived it, I can go through the whole list. Was realized. We gave them a proof point we were incompetent and also people died. This has the making structurally for the same kind fo moment — EDDIE GLAUDE: If there was every moment to shake that 40%, the folks who would allow him to shoot someone down on Fifth Avenue, it’s this one — because it’s old people and young people, babies, old people in nursing homes. It’s your nana. So so, it seems to me this is an event that could take down a president.

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