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FL Gov. DeSantis: It’s Time To Focus On The Facts And Not Fear


GOV. RON DESANTIS (R-FL): The only thing we have to fear is letting fear overwhelm our sense of purpose and determination. We need to focus on facts and not fear. And I think that there’s been a lot that’s been done to try to promote fear, to promote worst-case scenarios, to drive hysteria. Florida was going to be just like New York when it came to the Coronavirus. Well, let’s look at the tale of the tape. Obviously a much different picture. This is equal population per 100,000 much, much less. Even if you did absolute numbers, we have 2 million more people, New York, far, far and above what Florida is. Same thing with hospitalizations. Hospitalization rate, that is a mere fraction of what you see, not just in New York, but many other States. And so saying Florida was going to be like New York was wrong and people need to know was wrong. Second, Florida will be like an Uber Italy. So not just like Italy, way worse than Italy, is what they were trying to say. Well, let’s see what ended up happening. Let’s look at the tale of the tape. Okay. Italy hospitalizations per 100,000 versus Florida. Yeah, I think Italy was a little worse than Florida there and that’s not even close. What about fatalities? How about fatalities? Again, per 100,000 apples to apples comparison, not even close. So no, Florida was not an Uber Italy at all. We’ve talked about hospital capacity and I remember reading that by last week, so this was in March, they said by April 24th, Florida would have 465,000 people hospitalized because of COVID-19. Well that is something that’s really scary, especially when you consider Florida only has 70,000 licensed hospital beds. So if you’re predicting that you’re predicting the biggest break of the healthcare system probably in human history. So what ended up happening? So that’s the 465,000, way up there for hospitalizations. You look down, 2,111 hospitalizations. So they were off by about 463,000 hospitalizations.

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