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Fmr. NYT Reporter Alex Berenson: Governors Pushing Lockdowns Are Fools Who Haven’t Read The Data On Their Own Government Websites


Former NYT reporter Alex Berenson spoke with FNC’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Tuesday about what needs to be done to safely reopen the economy as soon as possible and responded to reports that British Imperial University scientist Neil Ferguson, whose research on the coronavirus helped inspire the worldwide lockdown, resigned from his position after being caught violating lockdown measures to cheat on his wife. “He’s an incredibly important scientist … he is probably the most important person driving the [British] government’s response to the lockdown,” Berenson said. “There was a New York Times story on March 17th that … mentioned him by name as having the ear of the British government and Boris Johnson.” “There is no question he violated the lockdown,” Berenson said of Ferguson. “On March 18th he tweeted he had symptoms of the coronavirus and he met this woman on March 30th. That is not outside the two-week limit, it’s within the limit, there’s no way around that.” About the lockdown, Ferguson continued: “I’m getting sick of people saying, ‘We don’t know much about this virus, we don’t know enough to know what the right steps are.’ If that’s true, why have we shut down the world?” “We do know a lot about this virus and we know the average age of death in the United States and worldwide is probably about 80 or 82 and we know about half, if not more, of the people who die in the United States die in nursing homes,” Berenson said. “We know enough to know we should protect those people … and instead, our leaders are spending time haranguing us about masks and destroying the economy with lockdowns and every day it makes less sense and every day it’s more infuriating.” “If they don’t know, they are fools and haven’t read the data which is publicly available, available on their own government websites,” Berenson said. “I’ve been waiting for the reality and the data to start to hit people and it’s been very slow. Many states have these phased-in lockdown plans that have very, very unrealistic benchmarks, Oregon’s benchmarks are crazy, New York’s … Illinois’s benchmarks, many of the blue state lockdown states have these benchmarks that are very difficult to meet.” “Is it going to take people in the streets?” he wondered. “That seems to have helped a little bit in California last week but I don’t know what it’s going to take for people … not people, but lawmakers … to start being realistic here.”

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