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Former Pennsylvanian “Life-Long Democrat”: “I Like What’s Happened In This Country”


A Pennsylvania voter identified by FOX News as a former life-long Democrat who voted for President Trump said Thursday at a town hall on FOX that there is nothing Democrats could do to win him back. “David’s my man, I like that guy,” the president said.

MACCALLUM: I want to ask David, actually a follow-up question, because you are really the typical voter, I think you were — you were a lifelong Democrat who crossed over and voted for President Trump in 2016 in areas like we are in right now in Lackawanna County. So you know, obviously now Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders — whoever it is, is going to try to get your vote back. So I’m just — I am curious, is there anything or any issue that they could answer for you that would change your mind, do you think? QUESTION: I’m focused on the economy, and on regulation and deregulation, and I like what’s happened in the country in the last four years… TRUMP: Thank you. QUESTION: …and I’m thankful for your efforts, sir… TRUMP: Thank you, David. QUESTION: …and I hope we can continue on that. (APPLAUSE) MACCALLUM: Thank you. So the answer would be no, nothing would change your mind? No — he’s shaking his head, no, nothing. TRUMP: I think they thought you were going to give them a different answer. MACCALLUM: No, I wanted to hear because I do think it’s very, I mean he is… TRUMP: That sounded like a setup question — no, no, no David, you’re my man. David’s my man, I like that guy. MACCALLUM: I said, I’m very interested in voter, because we want to know what — you know, how voters like you are going to vote next time around because we love to follow the story of the movement of the electoral. And I think it’s fascinating that you — you know, answered as you did. TRUMP: Well Martha, this area of Pennsylvania, and Pennsylvania itself has the best numbers it’s ever had. It’s got the best economy it’s ever had — has the best unemployment numbers it’s ever had. And Scranton has the lowest and best unemployment numbers they’ve — and employment numbers too — that they’ve ever had by far. So you know, we’re very happy about the job — the people in Pennsylvania they’re very happy with the job. You know, it was 30 years since a Republican won Pennsylvania, and based on results, I think we’ll win it again very easily.

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