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Giuliani: Obama and Biden Ran The Most Corrupt Administration In History, “We Will Be Able To Prove It”


President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani explains why he believes there should be finality with tax returns, saying there ‘should be a statute of limitations.’ Giuliani also questioned why the SDNY investigated and charged Steve Bannon in an election year while Joe Biden remains unprobed. DOBBS:  The left-wing judges are wreaking — are wreaking havoc.    I want to turn to Obamagate, and listening to the man who is — it’s his intelligence agencies that created the origins of Obamagate. There’s no question about that. It is a matter of fact.    President Obama standing before–   GIULIANI:  Oh, my, hard to listen to him.   DOBBS:  — the Democratic National Convention talking about he fears for democracy, when he becomes the first president whose agencies, intelligence agencies, were spying on a presidential candidate, with the explicit purpose of blocking his election, and then, once elected, continuing to spy to block his agenda and to overthrow his presidency.    GIULIANI:  Doesn’t it occur to you, Lou, one of the reasons they went after him so much, kept thinking they could find something, find something, find something, is because they did that, and they just assumed that he would? They assumed that he was as crooked as Obama from Chicago?    What Obama did with his — with the Justice Department and with these investigations — and I have no doubt that he at least knew enough about it, so that he is morally complicit — is one of the most outrageous things a president has ever done.    And it seemed to me he got a little smaller too. Did you notice that his shoulders were narrower? Maybe the impact of all this is getting to him. You know, some guys, their nose gets bigger. Others, the shoulders get a little smaller when they are as corrupt as these people are.    He and Biden ran the most corrupt administration in history. And, before we’re finished, I think we will be able to prove it.    DOBBS:  Well, I hope so.    Do you believe that you’re — that we’re going to see this Justice Department actually deliver charges against many of those in government at the time? I — well, we’re all praying.    (LAUGHTER)   DOBBS:  Your thoughts?   GIULIANI:  Well, if the Justice Department is the Justice Department that I was a part of for 17 years, then it would have the courage to go with the case no matter what.    You know, there’s this whole argument that we shouldn’t investigate Biden because it’s so close — it’s so close to the election, right? However, so how come they brought the case against Bannon?    DOBBS:  Yes.    GIULIANI:  Why didn’t the Southern District wait until after the election is over?    The rules only work one way here. I mean, the reality is that–   DOBBS:  But can I ask you another question?   GIULIANI:  — Biden should have been investigated a year ago.    Go ahead.    DOBBS:  Yes.    Well, very quickly, Bannon hasn’t been in the administration for years, and the U.S. Postal Service sends their agents to arrest him, in cooperation with the Southern District?    Are you kidding me? That isn’t political?    GIULIANI:  Of course it’s political.    What — do I look like a fool?    (LAUGHTER)   GIULIANI:  I should give up practicing law if I didn’t think — if I thought anything else.    DOBBS:  Well–    GIULIANI:  It’s disgraceful.    DOBBS:  — you’re not.    And we’re glad to have you with us, Rudy. Appreciate it, Rudy Giuliani.

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