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Gloria Borger: Obama Did Not Give A Convention Speech, He Was Declaring A National Emergency To Save Democracy


CNN political analyst Gloria Borger, commenting on former President Obama’s speech at the DNC, said she could see Obama in the Oval Office delivering a speech about the “fierce urgency of now” and the need to save democracy. “Just watching this unfold tonight, I have to say that watching Barack Obama, this was not a convention speech,” Borger said. “This was sort of the new definition of the fierce urgency of now. And I could see him in the Oval Office. It was an intimate and it was chilling and he was declaring a national emergency.” “What he was doing was saying I need you to save democracy. Nothing less,” she said. “Yes, he talked about what he believes, et cetera, et cetera, but this was on a higher plane. This was the emergency. And he is saying, you know, you’ve got to do this now and you could — you could see it in his voice.” “What he’s saying is don’t let them do this to our country,” she said. “They can’t take the democracy away from us. I don’t know what you want to call it, a president talking to the country, a former president talking to the country and declaring an emergency.”

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