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Gov. Abbott: No One Should Forfeit Their Liberty, Be Sent To Jail For Not Wearing A Mask


FOX NEWS: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott joined “Hannity” Wednesday to discuss the case of Dallas hair salon owner Shelley Luther, who was sentenced to seven days in jail Tuesday for operating her business in defiance of a local coronavirus lockdown order. “There is [a balance that needs to be struck], Sean, and that is why we are now in Texas opening up things like hair salons and barbershops,” Abbott told host Sean Hannity. “But Sean, you need to know this: The problem that we’re dealing with is far worse than what you’ve articulated in Dallas County.” “They were issuing fines and potential jail time for anybody who refused to wear a mask,” Abbott said. “Now, as you pointed out, wearing a mask is the best practice. However, no one should forfeit their liberty and be sent to jail for not wearing a mask.” Gov. Greg Abbott discusses bars reopening, education, salons: Governor Abbott Modifies Coronavirus Executive Orders To Eliminate Confinement As Punishment:

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