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Gutfeld: CNN Thought You Were Suckers For Supporting Trump, But They Were Suckered By Avenatti


Greg Gutfeld delivered a monologue on the media’s phony contrition over Michael Avenatti on Monday’s edition of ‘The Five’ on FOX News.

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST FOX NEWS’ ‘THE FIVE’: Some are calling it a first ever for CNN, no, not a ratings win. Dream on. In front of an audience, you can count on your fingers and toes one anchor gave this moment of self reflection. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I thought Avenatti could be a serious candidate for president. So give me a media critique. Was that stupid on my part? What do you make of how Avenatti was covered by CNN and MSNBC? (END VIDEO CLIP) GUTFELD: Well, if you have to ask, now that Mikey’s been found guilty of extortion about to go on trial for other crimes and fuel the most heinous smears of Brett Kavanaugh, I think the answer is yes. You were stupid. And that’s putting it lightly. Because this mea culpa should have happened a while ago before all the montages, of hacks kissing Avenatti’s butt had forced your hand. And what if he hadn’t been found guilty? If he had walked, it would have been right into CNN’s open arms. But I should stop. I’m being a jerk. See, I could self-reflect, too. True to the max (ph) and that you should never mock someone for doing the right thing. I say good job, Brian, and you too, Toobin. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The total collapse of his life is really sort of extra — and frankly, you know, I feel kind of snookered, because I took him seriously. (END VIDEO CLIP) GUTFELD: Snookered means you were unfairly tricked, that you were the victim. But Jeff, why were you fooled when everyone beyond the media wasn’t? Was it because you wanted to believe Mikey had the goods on Trump and Kavanaugh? No matter how absurd those goods were, the media’s excuse was that Avenatti was a part of the Stormy story. No, they were looking for a savior, not a stripper. After all, where is their spotlight now? So the media got snookered because like a remote tribe thinking an empty Coke bottle falling from the sky came from the gods, their desperation made them credulous. So hooray for self reflection, but remember these suckers just spent three years calling you suckers for supporting the president. So see this as a rare moment. They will be back on that horse in no time, leaving a trail of manure wherever they go, which makes it an easy story to follow. All right, Donna, you agree with me on everything I just said, don’t you? BRAZILE: I’m — (CROSSTALK) GUTFELD: But why is it so hard for the media to self reflect?

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