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Heather Mac Donald: America Is Being Ripped Apart By Lies


“City Journal” editor and author of “The War on Cops” Heather Mac Donald joined FNC’s Tucker Carlson to discuss the narrative that there is a huge wave of police murdering unarmed black people.

TUCKER CARLSON: Are African-Americans being “hunted,” as Joy Reid recklessly claimed on MSNBC recently? Or is something else happening? Is our nation being ripped apart by a total and complete lie, a provable lie, a lie used by cynical media manipulators and unscrupulous politicians who understand that racial strife and race hatred is their path to power — even if it destroys the country. You have the facts now and you can decide what’s really going on. Heather Mac Donald is the author of the book “The War on Cops,” she joins us tonight. Heather, you wrote a book on this end because so much is at stake and because people have died and are dying in the country is being ripped apart, we want to be sure that we have these numbers right. We bow to you, someone who just wrote a book on this, are the numbers we just read correct and what do you make of them? HEATHER MAC DONALD: Absolutely they are correct, Tucker. This is a narrative that is both false and dangerous. In 2015 and 2016, when we went through what now is in retrospect a minimal amount of civil unrest and riots throughout the country, 2,000 additional black males were killed because cops backed off of policing. Right now, we are already seeing crime going to the roof, we’ve seen the assassinations of cops, and I fear we’re going to see more. And who are the people who are going to be hurt when these cops back off, if we defund cops, defund the cops. The delegitimization of them is so great, the hatred being arrested when they arrest gang bangers, gun toters, people who have just shot innocent children in the city, the hatred being directed at officers is extraordinary. Who is going be hurt? The thousands of law and abiding residents in inner-city neighborhoods, people like a cancer amputee in the Bronx who told me, “please, Jesus, send more police,” because the only time she feels safe to go into her building lobby is when the cops are there because it’s otherwise colonized by trespassing youth selling drugs and smoking weed. There was an elderly lady in the 41st precinct of the South Bronx who stood up in the middle of the community meeting and said, how lovely when we see the police, they are my friends. These are the voices that the media deliberately silences because they completely undermine their phony narrative about systemic police racism and white supremacy in this country. TUCKER CARLSON: I mean, phony doesn’t begin to scratch the surface, I would say. We are being told by demagogues on television, officeholders, people who run the country are telling us genocide is occurring, there is a never-ending wave of racist attacks on African-Americans by police officers in which many are dying. We came up with ten in 2019, how can they say something like that? When there are no facts to support it. HEATHER MAC DONALD: The irony is it is The Washington Post’s own database collects the statistics, but “The Washington Post” doesn’t write that. Here’s another interesting fact, a police officer is 18 and a half times more likely to be murdered by a black male than an unarmed black male is to be murdered by a cop, or killed by a cop. So there are so many facts about crime, about policing. We should not racially profile blacks for any crime rates, we should also not racially profile cops for one absolutely horrific arrest. The cops desperately want more tactical training, they want more help in de-escalating and controlling stress but they are not systemically biased. TUCKER CARLSON: We need to decelerate, de-escalate the rhetoric here because this is actually threatening the country.

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