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Hemingway: Never Believable That Obama Did Not Know About Operation Against Candidate Trump


“The Federalist” senior editor Mollie Hemingway told Fox News Canel’s “Life, Liberty & Levin” Sunday that there is no way investigations into then-incoming President Trump and members of his team could have happened without a go-ahead from President Obama. “It was a counterintelligence operation [into members of the Trump campaign and transition team] that really should never have started,” she explained. “Counterintelligence operations should be known to the president. They exist so he can know about threats to the country, so it was never believable that he [President Obama] didn’t know about it.” “We know nobody had legitimate concerns about this Russia intelligence because under oath to the contrary,” she said. “So why would they be openly plotting how to keep this information?” “This was about making sure that they could sideline people who would expose what they had been doing throughout the campaign, throughout the transition, and they hoped to continue doing into the Trump administration, and Michael Flynn was target number one,” Hemingway said. “He would have known that it was fishy and problematic. And so he was a high-priority target in the days that followed.” “Almost immediately after this January 5 meeting, you start seeing a coordinated leak campaign to set a false narrative about some crazy story about Russia collusion,” she explained.

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