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Jake Tapper: Black RNC Speakers “Asking You To Disbelieve What You Already Think”


JAKE TAPPER, CNN HOST: No, obviously, it’s a complete misrepresentation especially when it comes to coronavirus. But I have to say, look, every political convention is propaganda, but I don’t know that we’ve ever been fed a staple of propaganda like this. And what’s so interesting about the last four days, Abby, is that they are asking the American people to not believe what they already think, according to polls. They are saying they had individual after individual say, I wish you could see what he’s really like behind the scenes. I wish you could see it as if that would change the perceptions that the American people have, a majority disapproving of the president. So many Americans think he’s racist — oh no, he’s not. You need to believe, he likes black people. So many Americans think he is a sexist or a misogynist. He’s not, he’s done so many things for women. So many people think that he’s xenophobic and he hates immigrants. Oh no, he’s not. Here is at a naturalization ceremony. And so many Americans and this is why he’s so vulnerable, even if the race does tighten a little, so many Americans disapprove of the job he has done with the coronavirus because they see the evidence before their eyes as to how the administration response has not been adequate. They see it and the message has been, oh no, he did a really good job. They’re asking you to disbelieve what you already think, Wolf.

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