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Jennifer Palmieri: 2016 Dem Convention Could Be “Child’s Play” Compared To 2020 Convention


Former Obama White House communications director and Director of Communications for the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign Jennifer Palmieri weighs in on Democratic infighting and how that could impact the 2020 party convention in Milwaukee. Palmieri called it “very unfortunate” if the convention has to go to a second ballot to decide a nominee.

JENNIFER PALMIERI: I feel like that it’s going to be the ’16 convention is child’s play compared to what could unfold in Milwaukee for sure. And, you know, I don’t know. Every candidate on the debate the other night, Chuck Todd asked them that question. If the candidate goes into Milwaukee and has a plurality of delegates but not 1991, the magic number, should they become the nominee? And each person besides Bernie said no. That meant everybody is saying we’re going all the way to Milwaukee. I’m holding on to my delegates. And, you know, that is — I mean those are the rules. The rules are that it does not get decided until the convention. You have to have 1,991. Then if you go to a second ballot, it goes from there once super delegates start to vote. So it could happen. It would be a very unfortunate thing, I think, to have that kind of convention. And anything can happen.

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