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Kamala Harris Delivers First Campaign Speech: “Trump Is The Reason Millions Of Americans Are Unemployed”


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his recently chosen running mate Kamala Harris appeared together for the first time Wednesday in Delaware. Harris spoke about her personal relationship with Biden’s late son Beau and discussed her own family before turning her attention to politics. She outlined her goal to pass a new civil rights act in honor of John Lewis and placed the blame for the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic squarely on President Trump: “This virus has impacted almost every country, but there’s a reason it has hit America worse than any other advanced nation. It’s because of Trump’s failure to take it seriously from the start.” The case against President Trump is “open and shut,” Harris said. “He inherited the longest economic expansion in history from Barack Obama and Joe Biden. And then, like everything else he inherited, he ran it straight into the ground.” “America is crying out for leadership. Yet we have a president that cares about himself more than the people who elected him,” Harris said. “We don’t have to accept the failed government of Trump-Pence… In just 83 days we have a chance to choose a better future for our country.” “This is a moment of real consequence for America. Everything we care about, our economy, our health, our children, the kind of country we live in, it’s all on the line,” she said. “I am ready to get to work.” Speaking about Biden, she said: “He’s someone who never asks, ‘Why is this happening to me?’ and instead asks, ‘What can I do to make life better for you?’ This empathy, compassion, this sense of duty to care for others, is why I am so proud to be on this ticket,” she said. “Today he takes his place in the ongoing story of America’s march toward equality and justice as the only one who has served alongside the first black president, and has chosen the first black woman as his running mate.”

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