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Kellyanne Conway On Pelosi Coronavirus Criticism: “Small Minds Talk About Other People”


Kellyanne Conway said the people protesting in Michigan to reopen the government are not part of a domestic rebellion but are “the forgotten men and forgotten women” trying to get back to work. In an interview Monday on FOX News, Conway called on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to return to work and provide more funding for small businesses.

ED HENRY, FOX NEWS:  Kellyanne, what about the collaboration or lack thereof with the Speaker of the House?  As you know, Nancy Pelosi was on with our colleague Chris Wallace on “FOX NEWS SUNDAY” yesterday.  Among other things, she said the president is a weak leader and she said that he has failed in the coronavirus response. You say?   CONWAY:  It was such a disappointing interview from the Speaker of the House who’s sitting in her home not feeling isolated or economically desperate like so many Americans are right now, probably people in her own district.    And I thought it was very disappointing for her to just name call and disparage the president personally rather than to say, I’m getting Congress back to work this week so we can get more money for these small business owners to stay afloat.   For them it’s not a matter of prosperity, it’s survival right now.  And it shouldn’t just be survival of the — of the fittest, it should not be Darwinism or discrimination because you’re a small business who’s going inventory by inventory or paycheck to paycheck.  We should be helping them.  That was the whole point of the PPP under the Small Business Administration and Treasury.   And I felt that when you’ve got nothing positive to say, you know, small minds talk about other people, they don’t talk about big issues, and I felt it was incredibly disappointing, instead of her showing bipartisanship, as we’ve seen all across this country in so many ways.  Have you ever seen the country’s people and businesses mobilize in such a positive, responsive, uplifting way as we have over the last five weeks, Sandra and Ed?   It’s really remarkable to see.  And as a mother of four school-aged children, it’s been fantastic to point out, in a completely non-political fashion, how many Americans and how much American businesses and volunteers have stood up offering to help with the food banks, offering to have their parking lots be standup field medical hospitals or testing sites for example.  And then we have the Speaker of the House, so smart and so powerful, not say, I’m going to make sure the money is there.

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