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Kellyanne Conway: “We Have An Increasing Number Of Americans Who Think Everything That’s Online Is Real”


Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, weighs in on culture wars, “cancel culture” and reopening schools on ‘Outnumbered Overtime’ with FOX News host Harris Faulkner.

HARRIS FAULKNER, FOX NEWS ANCHOR:  Obviously facetiousness in his tweet there, but the point of all of this, and we were talking about this last hour — we’re going to get into it just shortly with Kellyanne Conway, who will join me, the counselor to the president at the White House.   The point of all this is, does it politically work? Does it work for Democrats and Republicans to be going at each other over this on the Hill, and then for the president also to see it as a way to connect with voters?   Kellyanne Conway joins me now.   Kellyanne, as you step in, I’m filling in the audience on where we are with the so-called culture wars. Does this work for the president?   KELLYANNE CONWAY, COUNSELOR TO THE PRESIDENT:  Well, look, he didn’t start this argument. People are trying to shame people from their jobs. They’re disagreeing with any dissent. They’re trying to cancel individuals. And it’s mostly people who choose to live their lives online, not offline. I choose to live my life mostly offline.   Harris, we have an increasing number of Americans who think everything that’s online is real, and that it’s up to them to know what is in everybody’s hearts, twist one word here or one thing that was done 40 years ago there.   And I think the president’s broader point is that he is looking towards the future. He’s a visionary. He is being positive and patriotic.   And here is my main problem with cancel culture, ripping down statues, and the whole like. How does it get one more kid of color, who is in a failing school, a better opportunity, better education?   These same people who are saying, cancel culture, rip down statues, take away portraits in Statuary Hall, they always vote against opportunity scholarships here in Washington, D.C., which help African-American and Hispanic kids.   They don’t vote for tax cuts and the Jobs Act, which are helping those children’s parents and eventually will eventually help them. In Commonwealth of Pennsylvania alone, let’s take one state, we had Janiyah and her mother as our guest at the State of The Union this year. Janiyah is one of 50,000 schoolchildren in one state, Pennsylvania, on a waiting list for an opportunity scholarship, school choice.   You have the Democratic governor vetoing that. Why? Why are people like that standing in the schoolhouse door not allowing kids to exit for a better opportunity?   So my — one of my major objections with all of this is that it’s easier to talk and squeal and complain and bellyache belligerently and lie lasciviously than to actually help people.


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