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Kudlow: There’s No “Epic Struggle” With Mnuchin Over Next Stimulus Package, “We Work Hand And Glove”


FOX BUSINESS: National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow says recent economic numbers ‘look great,’ discusses the next round of stimulus and unemployment benefits and responds to a FOX Business story saying he has been clashing with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin over stimulus.

BARTIROMO: OK. Yes, no, it’s a good reminder about the masks and the social distancing, et cetera. So you’re going to be watching these numbers and you may moderate that expectation after July. We’ll come back to you on that, Larry. Let me ask you about stimulus and what it should look like. Of course, you’ve seen the story that there is a big disagreement within the White House about what a fourth stimulus package should look like. Does the president want to payroll tax cut (ph) and are you disagreeing with Mnuchin on that? Tell me where we are in terms of a fourth package right now, Larry? KUDLOW: Yes, look, if I may respectfully and politely disagree with that story. Secretary Mnuchin and I have worked together, hand and glove, for two and a half years and it has been a great pleasure and we worked on a daily basis, we’re in the same meetings all the time. We discussed, maybe somebody in the West Wing doesn’t understand this, we always discuss different ways to implement the president’s policies. All right, and he might have an idea, I might have a different idea, all right. He might have a context, I might have a different context, but we work hand and glove together. There’s no epic struggle. The president does want a payroll tax holiday, and that, along with restricting COVID liabilities for small business restaurants and so forth, and one of the key aspects of our asks (ph) for the next round of CARES Act, which will probably be discussed beginning week when the Senate returns. Steven Mnuchin is a good man, and as I say, actually going back to the campaign in 2015, we’ve been working together. BARTIROMO: Yes. KUDLOW: So those stories should be completely disregarded. I don’t know where that stuff comes. If I had any hair, I’d be pulling it out.

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