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Lara Logan: Democrats Pushing “Fantasy Sci-fi Alternative Reality Movie” About Michael Flynn


Journalist Lara Logan debated former Obama State Department spokesperson Marie Harf Friday afternoon on FOX News Channel about the Justice Department dismissing charges against Michael Flynn, who claims he was coerced and entrapped into making a guilty plea for lying to FBI investigators about contact with the Russian ambassador during the 2016 transition period.

MARIE HARF: Yesterday, Barr basically made a statement that said, “You can lie to the FBI, and that’s okay.” And there is still a ton of evidence that the investigation was absolutely an appropriate one, that Flynn was absolutely someone who should have been investigated, and he comes at the end of the day, chose to lie about his contact with foreign countries. If Bill Barr wants to say that’s not a crime, that is a precedent I’m not sure either party wants to set. LARA LOGAN: Oh my God. Wow. I feel like them in some kind of fantasy sci-fi alternative reality movie. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m not sure there’s a word that came out of your mouth that’s actually true. MARIE HARF: Wow. Lara: Just look at this transcript. MARIE HARF: Happy Friday, everyone! [laughs] LARA LOGAN: Look at the transcripts of the conversations. There’s a big difference between talking to people and colluding. If that’s a standard for collusion, how come you not screaming for accountability for Fusion GPS and the DNC and the Clinton campaign for literally meeting with agents from Vladimir Putin, for taking disinformation and using that against a political rival in the presidential election in this country. I mean, the message was not — the message was exactly the opposite to millions of people in this country. Now that you can just lie to the FBI and get away with it. The message was that accountability, that so many people in this country have been asking for, for so long, it’s finally actually going to happen. Bill Barr has never said that his mission is about defending president trump. He said it in the CBS interview and he said it from the beginning, that his duty is to protect the rule of law in this country. To protect the Justice Department and law enforcement. He’s doing that holding them to the standard to which they have sworn to uphold. And holding them to the same standard that every single person in this country would be held to if they were facing similar charges. So, what about lying to Congress? Because all of these people — McCabe and Comey, and all of them — they have all lied and lied and lied. And there is more information to come, hear, that is going to show exactly what really happened with Michael Flynn.

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