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Lou Dobbs: Andrew McCabe Got Away With “One Of The Single Greatest Abuses Of Power In American History”


LOU DOBBS: The deep state tonight appears to be all the more powerful, and the rule of law in serious question. After 22 months of investigation, the Department of Justice today told former fired FBI acting director Andrew McCabe that he will not face criminal prosecution for lying to FBI investigators not once, twice, but three times. The department’s own inspector general found in 2018 that McCabe lied on four separate occasions, including three times while under oath, about his role in leaks about the Clinton email investigation. In addition to those lies, McCabe began an investigation into the president of the United States with no evidence. That ultimately led to the special counsel appointment, and the Mueller witch hunt. McCabe also signed off on the final FISA application against Carter Page, that has been ruled a fraud. During an appearance on CNN immediately following today’s developments, McCabe had the temerity to criticize the Department of Justice for daring to threaten his ability to get away with what may well be one of the single greatest abuses of power in American history.

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