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Mask Collapse Prevention Devices – The ‘Cannula’ Mask Stops Masks from Crushing Inwards (TrendHunter.com)


Face masks have become essential in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic but can be troublesome for members of the population with existing respiratory issues to deal with, which is something the ‘Cannula’ mask is intended to fix. The endoskeleton solution works by being paired with thin fabric face masks and preventing it from collapsing inwards due to the negative pressure created as the wearer breathes. The unit also features a hollow spine that allows a nasal cannula to be incorporated to make it suited to wearers who need regular oxygen support.

The ‘Cannula’ mask is the design work of BDCI and helps to solve a common problem with fabric masks, while also working to keep those with respiratory conditions supported during regular mask wear.

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