Home Video Michelle Obama: Coronavirus An Opportunity To Decide “How Wealth Is Distributed”

Michelle Obama: Coronavirus An Opportunity To Decide “How Wealth Is Distributed”


Michelle Obama said coronavirus has given us a chance to “reflect” on how wealth is distributed in a new podcast featuring NPR host Michele Norris as her guest. (via Spotify)

MICHELE NORRIS, NPR: There’s kind of a new COVID vocabulary, isn’t it. There are also words that, have always had some meaning, but that take on different meaning now. The word hero. MICHELLE OBAMA: Yeah. NORRIS: Um, the word essential. OBAMA: Oh yes. Yeah. NORRIS: You know, because we think, I think we will forever think about the word ‘essential’ in a different way. And, when we were told to stay home, they got up, got dressed, and went out into the world, risking their lives, to, drive garbage trucks, to work in warehouses, to work in grocery stores, to work in hospitals. Often doing invisible, but yes, essential work, and I struggle with it because I’m not sure, that, we treat them like they’re essential. OBAMA: And that’s something that we need to, that’s a part of that reflection, that we need to do. You know. With ourselves, and, and as a community. And we have to think about that, in terms of, how uh, wealth is distributed. You know, how, how these essential people are supported. And what does that mean? A lot of these people are, broke. They don’t have health insurance. That it, if they were to get sick, as essential as they are, we have not, as a society, deemed it essential to make sure that they can go to the doctor and get the care that they need. And even if they can get COVID care, even if they can get tested, to keep working and doing our stuff, after the effects of the virus have worn off, and they are dealing with some lung issue, or some breathing issue, or asthma, that they don’t have to wait, in a, an emergency room, for hours on end, and then worry, that they can even, afford the prescription medication that they need to survive, I mean we have to think about this. We have to think about the people who are not from this country, who are essential workers. 00:21:38 A lot of those folks are still out in the fields picking our corn, and making sure that that food is in our grocery stores, and working in these meatpacking plants, to ensure that the, that the cow that was slaughtered, gets into our bellies. NORRIS: In a safe, and efficient manner. OBAMA: In a safe and efficient way.

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