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MSNBC: Democratic Party Putting “Intense Pressure” On Bloomberg To Drop Out For “Party Unity”


NBC correspondent for the Bloomberg campaign Josh Lederman reports senior officials in the Democratic party that have “a lot of influence” are mounting a pressure campaign on Michael Bloomberg, who had a poor showing on Super Tuesday, to drop out for the sake of party unity.

JOSH LEDERMAN, NBC NEWS: Intense pressure tonight on Mike Bloomberg to bow out of the race, clear a path for Joe Biden. Brian, we’ve been talking on Democratic officials. Senior people within the party. People who have a lot of influence who have acknowledged that they have been in touch with the Bloomberg campaign trying to make the case that now is the time for the sake of party unity for him to step aside. Particularly is the party really coalesced behind Joe Biden. So far no, indications that’s going to take place. I just spoke to a person who is close to the campaign who is saying, look, things changed pretty rapidly on South Carolina primary day a few days ago. The Bloomberg campaign knew it was going to be a good night for Joe Biden. They did not anticipate that he was going to be able to resuscitate quite the way he did and that he would emerge from South Carolina looking like the strongest moderate in the race. So far Mike Bloomberg has been defiant. We heard from him earlier this morning in Miami where he said that he’s not taking votes away from Joe Biden. Joe Biden is taking votes away from him. He said that his path to the nomination, if there is one, is through a contested convention where nobody gets a majority in delegates and they duke it out at the convention. He hopes they ultimately side with Bloomberg. But that’s obviously causing some heartburn tonight in the party as they anticipate the prospect of a contested convention.

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