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N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Coronavirus: No Need To Panic Or Shut Down Mass Transit


N.Y. Governor Andrew Cuomo joined FNC’s “Sunday Morning Futures” host Maria Bartiromo that while the situation with the coronavirus is severe, people should avoid panicking and all efforts should be made to avoid “shutting everything down for two weeks” like China has done. “Remember what we’re really trying to do here is avoid the massive disruption of closing everything down for two weeks, the way China did, the way Italy is doing. And we’re trying to protect the vulnerable populations for whom this Coronavirus could really be dangerous, senior citizens, immune-compromised,” he said. Bartiromo asked whether mass transit systems should be shut down as a precaution, citing the outbreak in Westchester county linked to a passenger on the MetroNorth rail system. “At this time, there’s no reason to close down mass transit, Maria. We haven’t had — to the extent, we have big numbers in New York, it’s actually in Westchester, which is a suburban community, as you know, where you have a cluster of cases,” Cuomo replied. “And once you get that cluster, they tend to exponentially increase. And that’s what we’re dealing with in Westchester. But, in New York City, we have a relatively minor number so far.”

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